The horse equipment you need to be able to perform

The choice of the equipment of the horse is essential: to start on the right foot, it is important to have a riding equipment adapted to the morphology of his horse and maintained regularly. If you are limited on the budget side, you can invest in the used french saddle.

The saddle, essential equestrian equipment

It is essential that the saddle is well positioned and perfectly adapted to the morphology of the horse. Before being bought, a saddle is tried directly on the back of the horse. Your riding comfort is important, but that of your mount too.

The tree should not block his shoulders and the pommel should not press his tourniquet either. A poorly adapted saddle can cause considerable damage, even irreversible, especially in the vertebrae. The continual rubbing of the saddle on the tourniquet or other part of its back can cause wounds.

Once your choice of seat stopped, it will also invest in some other equipment:

  • Stirrups

  • A strap, leather or nylon, even ergonomic. The elastic strap (which should not be too tight) has the advantage of facilitating the breathing of the horse. To avoid irritation, you can also cover the strap with a sheep sheath.

  • A bib, which will prevent the horse from getting hurt during the jumping of obstacles.

Riding equipment - jumper side

Whether you're an owner or a simple rider, the riding outfit stays the same: bomb or helmet, riding breeches, a pair of boots or a pair of boots matching mini-chaps. Also think about the essential waterproof coat for the winter

You can also get gloves (strongly recommended for work in leash and essential in some competitions), a pair of spurs, a whip and / or a stick.

So, in horse riding, equipment is needed for both horse and rider. All the objects and equipment used for the horse's conduct, its protection and its care constitute the harness. the rider must also acquire a minimum of equipment in order to practice safely and take care of his horse with maximum comfort.

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