How to ensure that the saddle is fitted properly

Horse riding is a sport which calls for many equipment, for the rider and for the horse as well. And between the riders's outfit, the equipment for the horse and all the things we buy as extras, the bill increases quickly. However, there are many things you cannot be careless about. It is especially the case for the saddle, which has to suit the horse perfectly. But how to be sure of making the best choice when you have a low budget ?

How to choose the best saddle ?

It is not always easy to choose a fitted saddle for your horse, especially when you are not an expert. Yet, it has to be perfectly adapted to his morphology to not harm him. For example, it has to let the shoulders move freely, and you have to manage to put your hand between the flap and the shoulder. You also have to see your horse's withers under the saddle when you look your horse from behind : it means that the saddle has to let the vertebrae free. If you have any kind of doubt about the saddle you want to buy, do not hesitate to call a saddle fitter : this professional will helpp you choose the best saddle for your horse.

What about the used saddles ?

Every horse rider knows that the horse riding equipment is very expensive : sometimes you have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a quality saddle, that many riders cannot afford. Luckily, there are many solutions for the lowest budgets : the synthetic saddles for example are cheaper than the leather saddles, and they may last many years if you maintain them well. And the riders who prefer true leather saddles, buying an used saddle is a good compromise,because you can afford a quality saddle at best price. Click here for more information about used saddles and saddle fitting.

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Find your saddle amongst a whole selection of perfectly restored stools

Find your saddle amongst a whole selection of perfectly restored stools
Your horse's saddle will influence key aspects of your equestrian experience, such as the horse's comfort and the rider's ease. And choosing the saddle is important with the horse-drawn discipline. If you're a student of this exquisite discipline, you'll understand it's not just you but your horse as well. As a team, there is a high level of comfort for both your horse and you.Reasons for buying a saddleBeing a good runner does not mean that the (fine used saddle) [...]

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