Find your saddle amongst a whole selection of perfectly restored stools

Your horse's saddle will influence key aspects of your equestrian experience, such as the horse's comfort and the rider's ease. And choosing the saddle is important with the horse-drawn discipline. If you're a student of this exquisite discipline, you'll understand it's not just you but your horse as well. As a team, there is a high level of comfort for both your horse and you.

Reasons for buying a saddle

Being a good runner does not mean that the buttocks end up with a hurt. All your foothills need for a horse ride is a good quality horse saddle. We're showing you all the chairs models so you can choose the most suitable for you and your horse back.

How can I find out if the saddle is right?

We can't define whether it suits him or not, according to the various stool choices. What we can do is make the horse straight. The horse must be standing on a flat surface and closed with all four legs, otherwise the picture may be falsified. Then, without the saddle or stirrup, place the saddle on the horse. So far push the saddle behind the horse's shoulder blades. Now test that the saddle is stable and the center of gravity is measured visually. In any case, it is very easy to handle and maintain the fine used saddle, even if it costs a little bit costly.

Purchase a saddle used for your horses

We know the saddles are very expensive, and finally all the horse's equipment costs more than the horse itself. It should be noted that a poorly chosen saddle may have a negative impact on the beast's wellbeing, but also on you as a driver. Therefore, worn stools are best referenced as they are adapted to the horse's morphology. Which means that there is comfort, the product's resistance is impeccable. And he'll sense the good position when you're comfortable on the horse, and he'll improve as quickly as possible.

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