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Joan Schnelzauer: Pioneering Ethical Safari Adventures that Transform Lives

In the realm of safari tourism, one name stands out from the rest: Joan Schnelzauer. A visionary who has dedicated her life to developing ethical safari adventures, Schnelzauer has transformed the industry, demonstrating how tourism can be a powerful tool for positive change. The Power of Ethical Safari TourismEthical safari tourism is about more than just witnessing incredible wildlife in its natural habitat; it's about supporting local communities, conserving environments, and creating [...]

Soothing cures for your horses

A spa break seems like heaven to most riders, and horses can benefit hugely from an equivalent kind of treatment. Take Red Rum. Crippling foot problems in his younger years meant he was nearly written off, but daily training on Southport Beach transformed him.Recovery, Prevention & Rehabilitation!The treatment within the Aqua Spa is extremely good for horses who are in top sport training & the Spa sessions also can benefit horses who have injuries; are very lame, have (jacuzzi spas for sale) [...]

Saddle movement: how to prevent it

Saddle movement: how to prevent it
Riding a horse is easy but difficult to do. To succeed, several conditions must be met. The rider must first adopt the right gestures but it is also essential that the animal is well at ease. He needs adapted equipment and accessories like the saddle. This is one of the things you really need if you want to ride a horse without any problem.Why install the saddle?Like any seat on which one sits, the saddle for horse also needs to be well adjusted. If she is too (equitack) [...]
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