Don't break the bank on a new saddle

To have a horse is a real investment, but we can moderate this by choosing every tool of horse. First, we have to choose a shop that is more references online.

The types of saddles

There are five saddles, because it depends of what you are going to do with your horse. In the first time, you can choose an ordinary saddle. But you have to take measure of your horse. In two ways, you get the best one, take a put ribbon and put it on the top of the horse, begging the measure just near of the Withers to the Croup. An adult horse measure 230 cm, and you can base on it. After the top, we measure the position of his cover. By his shoulder until the stifle, it is simple. Now, we can choose the quality of the saddle. We can have a lot of choice when we take french used saddles because they take care of details tools about horses. This last one is used especially for training horses, because we can be proud of the manufacturing about the material used by the society.

Just verify material saddle manufactory

We can find many sorts of saddle, and the choice is a leather saddle or synthetic one. Surely, leather is more expensive than the other, but it could resist for many years, even for a training activity. It depends of the manufacturing, an English one, the Spanish saddle, or a western, Camargue, Irish one, or Mexican, but in front of those, a French one is the best. The first saddles designated for a sport activity got from French in 1958, and they take care of the origin of the horse and his character. When we choose a horse, normally, it is for his forces and his texture exterior, like a horse from Basques is so faithful. Those suggestion doesn’t cost you more than 500 Dollars. Just make your choice and don’t forget to put the cover before saddles.

Now, it’s time to learn for how to saddle your horse correctly without disturbing his way of walking. Just follow our little guard line on the references website.

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