Riding through California with my Arabian horse

I have always been passionate about riding. So, I do not hesitate to live an experience on horseback each time I have the opportunity. My latest adventure, with an Arabian horse, allowed me to discover a part of the United States, which makes dream more than one: California.

California: the heart of the American dream

To discover the equestrian culture in all its splendor, the United States is the destination to privilege. This country is full of beautiful trails suitable for both professional riders and amateur riders. California lends itself to very beautiful equestrian excursions. With my Arabian horse, I was able to visit the Sunset Ranch in Los Angeles, up and down. The tour is guided to not miss anything of the place. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Hollywood Sign. We have the choice between day or night horseback riding. I tested both and I can tell you that it's really worth the detour. Moreover, to mount an Arab thoroughbred, which breathes the nobility, the energy, the courage and the intelligence represents already an out of the ordinary experience. Children can also take part in this unique adventure by riding ponies at Griffith Park Pony Ride.

The importance of good preparation

Even if a horseback adventure seems to be an amazing and wonderful experience, you have to get ready to enjoy it. If you plan to do some horseback riding during your vacation in California, do not forget to bring equipment adapted to your mount. For my part, I found mine on equitack.com. In addition to allowing you to perfect your techniques and discover beautiful landscapes, California also offers other surprises. You can visit many parks like Joshua Tree National Park or San Diego Safari Park. You can also go cycling on the many bike paths in the state of California. Do not forget to try the local specialties, without overdoing it of course. Just like me, you will remember for a long time your adventure in the land of cowboys.

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Find your saddle amongst a whole selection of perfectly restored stools
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